Saturday, 28 July 2018

Resource Editor / Trainer for Forest Village Life is Feudal v 1.1.6645.0

Hi All,

I have made a new Resource Editor Tool for Forest Village Life is Feudal v 1.1.6645.0. I had to change the approach due to changes to game mechanism.

It is now in beta and almost done. Let me know if you face issues.

Screenshot - 2.0_alpha5



  1. Find resource you want to edit. 
  2. Enter the value of resource in storage building (Barn/ Warehouse). Please do not enter the total resource value and make sure to enter value of resource in particular storage building. You can pause the game while search is going on, then resume after search is over. But it is important that game is un-paused after search as trainer requires resource to be updated in game to work.
    Example: Total logs in village are 500. These are stored in various warehouses, Warehouse-1 has 200 and warehouse-2 has 300. To edit logs in warehouse-1, search for 200. 
  3. Press Search button to search for resource in building with entered value. Please make sure that the resource value doesn't change during searching. A progress bar will show scan progress.
  4. Once scan is finished, trainer will wait for the resource to be changed in storage building in game. This happens when a villager puts or takes the resource out of storage building. This is to verify that trainer found correct address.
  5. After verification, the trainer will allow the resource value to be edited.

Note: Once resource has been found, there is no need to search again, but if you want to search for resource in another storage building, a new search is required.
Also, do a search once again if the original storage building has been destroyed. This is important as not updating the resource by searching again may cause game to crash.

IMPORTANT: Game has issue in minimizing/restoring when being played in full screen mode. Please play game in window mode while using trainer! you can use ALT+ENTER to switch between full screen and window mode.

Finally, if you enjoyed the trainer, you can help me in maintaining it by donating some amount  for my efforts to my PayPal account (you might need to create an account :), here:  DONATE HERE. 

For Game Version v 1.1.6645.0  : Download link: Forest Village Resource Editor 2.0


  1. Can't search for cast iron, cant search charcoal??

    1. Please make sure that resource in storage (warehouse or barn) is more that 25. If two building are having same resource quantity the the trainer will have difficulty in finding out the correct building, so please try to give a unique value of resource. If you have 2 buildings having 100 wood. wait till one of the building has different than 100 value and then search.

  2. you have to get your resource up to 30 then do a scan same for skins and cotton